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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

RazorGage | XT-PC Measuring Stop For Saws

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Automatic Positioner And Measuring Stop Gauge

The RazorGage XT-PC measuring stop for saws, is our entry level stop gauge. Your operator will find the hi-resolution touchscreen interface much faster and easier to use when compared to competitive units on the market. 

It’s time to get rid of your manual stops and tape measures. With the RazorGage XT-PC, every operator becomes your best operator. This digital saw stop eliminates the opportunity for misreading tape measures or scales. With the XT-PC, you can keep your operator in front of your machine making parts, eliminating the need to repeatedly walk down and reset a manual stop.

Explore more features of the RazorGage XT-PC saw stop gauge.

Using the RazorGage XT-PC Automatic Positioner

The RazorGage XT-PC automatic positioner is intuitive and user-friendly. This digital saw stop eliminates time-consuming manual processes associated with tape measures and manual stops.

With fraction keys, decimal input options and metric mode, inputting desired part lengths is simple and requires no on-the-fly decimal conversions — the XT-PC does all the work for you! The intuitive Windows operating system is user-friendly, makes networking easy and comes with internal storage large enough to keep thousands of cut lists on hand and organized.

The RazorGage XT-PC automatic positioner is a digital saw stop, but RazorGage makes similar products that function as both stop and pusher.

Other RazorGage Automatic Saw Measuring Systems

In addition to the RazorGage XT-PC digital saw stop gauge, RazorGage offers the RazorGage RG3 automatic saw measuring system. 

The RazorGage RG3 is our most powerful programmable saw stop and pusher system. Powered by the Microsoft Windows Operating System, networking and file sharing over WiFi or Ethernet with other PCs is seamless. Optional optimizing software is available on the RG3 which reduces waste materials. The RG3 offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability and long-lasting dependability.

Get Started With the RazorGage XT-PC Automatic Positioner

Get in contact with us today to find out how the RazorGage XT-PC can help you upgrade from manual measuring systems. 

RazorGage XT-PC Saw Stop Gauge Features

  • Windows operating system on our entry level positioner.
  • Work Order screen allows you to create and save thousands of cutlists. You can even transfer cutlists to the device over your network!
  • Features intuitive operation, fraction keys, infinite preset hotkeys.
  • Available in 8' and 12' stroke.

RazorGage XT-PC Automatic Positioner & Stop Gauge Software

The Windows operating system for the RazorGage XT-PC stop gauge has tremendous storage capacity, so users have the ability to create and save many large cutlists. Furthermore, the cutlists can be restored to original quantities after use or even multiplied, should you want to make several “kits” of parts at once.

The Windows operating system features intuitive operation, preset hotkeys, a Work Order screen where you can create and save thousands of cutlists and Fraction Keys that will minimize keystrokes, reducing human error. Only 3 keystrokes are needed to move the stop to a precise position like 39 15/16. Competing units require 6 or more button presses to do the same thing.