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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

CANTEK | JB21P Line Boring Machine

Original price $6,800.00 - Original price $6,800.00
Original price
$6,800.00 - $6,800.00
Current price $6,800.00

Speed up your 32mm line boring operations with this pneumatically operated 21-spindle line boring machine.

The Cantek JB21P Line Boring Machine is designed to speed up your line drilling operations. It has a total of 21-spindles based on a 32mm centers. The spring-loaded index pin allows for accurate and convenient continuous line drilling operations. The precision rear aluminum fence with linear scale and (2) flip stops allow for precise and convenient setup. The complete back fence can be adjusted for various measurements from the edge of the panel to the holes. The precision boring head has interlocking steel gears with alternating spindles and accepts industry standard boring bits with 10mm shank. The convenient foot pedal initiates the drilling cycle so your hands can quickly adjust the workpiece to the next operation. The drilling unit moves up and down on high carbon anti-friction steel shafts with linear bearing for effortless movement.

Why Cantek JB21P Line Boring Machine?

  • 21-spindles driven by powerful 2HP motor
  • Pneumatic boring head stroke
  • Convenient foot pedal control allows the operator to quickly adjust to the next drilling operation
  • Boring head moves up and down on high carbon, anti-friction steel shafts with linear bearings
  • 74 ¾” back fence with (2) flip stops and (2) depth adjustment stops for precise and fast setting

Key Advantages

  • 21-spindles driven by steel gears
  • See through PVC guard to cover boring units for added safety
  • Spring loaded part hold down
  • Back fence & cross fence with scale position indicator
  • (2) flip stops on back fence
  • Precision mechanical digital readout for desired boring depth
  • Precision slide bushing linear bearings for boring head stroke



Number of drilling spindles
21 (10 LH & 11 RH)
2 HP
Distance between spindles
Spindle chuck
Table size
43 5/16″ x 15 ¾”
Table height from floor
33 3/8″
Max. depth of stroke
3 3/8″ (85mm)
Max. boring depth from edge
Back fence
74 ¾”
Back fence stops
2 pcs
Cross fence stops
2 pcs
Air requirement
70 PSI
230/1/60= 12 Full Load Amps
Machine dimensions
75″ x 30 ¾” x 58 ¼”
Net weight
375 lbs.
Shipping dimensions
43.3″ x 33″ x 69.3″
Shipping weight
506 lbs.