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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

CANTEK | HR12E Horizontal Resaw

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$13,900.00 - $13,900.00
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Recover valuable lumber from slabs, and produce lap siding, crating, dunnage and more.

The powerful yet economically priced Cantek HR12E horizontal resaw can produce a cut up to 11.8” wide and 4.92” thick. Capable of handling material from 11.8” wide to 9.8” thick. The powerful 20HP motor makes easy work of even hard to cut wood material. The thin kerf 1” wide blade achieves optimum cut quality while maximizing material yield. The user-friendly controls and operation make will allow your resawing operation to get up to speed quickly. It is economically priced for the small to mid-sized operation looking to improve their efficiency and material yield.

Why Cantek HR12E Horizontal Band Resaw?

  • Powerful 20HP saw motor capable of cutting through virtually any wood species with ease
  • Solid steel 28” diameter saw wheels capable of running a 1” wide, thin kerf blade for maximum cut accuracy and material yield
  • Variable feed speed by inverter to ensure optimum cut accuracy and blade life
  • Simple operation and low price point allowing for the maximum return on your investment
  • Adjustable sandwich style guide system ensures the blades run true and cut straight
  • Blade lubrication system ensure the blade runs cool for an optimum blade life

Key Advantages

  • Single head horizontal configuration with
  • Variable feed speed by inverter from 16 – 82 FPM
  • Heavy duty solid steel saw wheels are precision ground and dynamically balanced
  • Powerful 20HP saw wheel motor
  • Manual saw wheel elevation
  • Both saw blade housing elevation screws are linked by a shaft to ensure synchronized movement and precisely level adjustment
  • Adjustable sandwich style guide system
  • Manual saw blade tension adjustment by handle
  • Auto blade lubrication system
  • (2) spring loaded hold down rollers ensure material is held firmly on the conveyor belt during material resawing
  • Standard electrics are 230/3/60 to UL/CSA Standards (Other voltages available on request)

Max. Input board size (W x T)
11.8” x 9.8”
300 x 250mm
Distance from blade to conveyor table
0.15” – 4.92” (4 – 125mm)
4 – 125mm
Conveyor belt size
11.2” x 215.3”
285 x 5470mm
Diameter of saw wheel
28” (dia) x 1” (W)
711mm (dia) x 24.5mm (W)
Variable feed speed
16 – 82 FPM
 5 – 25 m/min
Saw blade dimensions
168” (L) x 1”
4625 x 24.5mm
Main motor
20 HP
+/- 0.0039″
+/- 0.1mm
Feed motor
2 HP
Electrical requirements
230/3/60 = 60.8 Full Load Amps
Dust Hood
4” x 4 pcs.
100mm x 4 pcs
Machine with Conveyor weight
2464 lbs
1120 kgs
Machine shipping dimensions
86” x 45” x 45”
2180 x 1140 x 1140mm
Machine shipping weight
1980 lbs
900 kgs
Conveyor shipping dimensions
113” x 22” x 28”
2870 x 560 x 700mm
Conveyor shipping weight
550 lbs
250 kgs