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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

CANTEK | CFS100 Automatic Defect Cutoff Chop Saw (start-up/training of $3,000 INCLUDED)

Original price $53,600.00 - Original price $53,600.00
Original price
$53,600.00 - $53,600.00
Current price $53,600.00

An economical and high-speed approach to defect cross-cutting with partial optimization.

The Cantek CFS100 Automatic Defect Cutoff Chop Saw is the perfect upgrade from your manual cutoff saw with 3 to 5 times higher production output. It is designed to scan for defects in your material which are indicated by a florescent crayon mark. The saw will cut on the crayon mark allowing for fast defect removal. Equipped with several cutting modes like fixed, sequential, defect cutting modes the operator can select the program most suited to their needs. The powerful 10HP motor and 18” blade provide for effortless cutting from 11.8” (w) x 2.75” (t) or 5.9” (w) x 3.9” (t). An optional feature is available for cutting thin material down to 0.078” (2mm) which is ideal for lamellas for engineered flooring.

For flooring companies, the CFS100 can be combined in-line with our EM12 End Matcher for a highly efficient defecting & end matching solution.

Why Cantek CFS100 Automatic Defect Cutoff Chop Saw?

  • Ideal for the defect cutting wood mouldings, wood flooring, finger joint blocks, wood paneling and more!
  • Machine scans for defects marked with a florescent crayon allowing for high-speed defecting
  • Provides 3 to 5 times higher production rate than manual cut-off saws.
  • 5% increase in material yield over manual cutting operations
  • +/- 1mm (0.0393”) accuracy
  • Safe operation with automatic feeding and comprehensive safety guards
  • Partial optimization with sequential and fixed part cutting functions or simply cut out defects

Key Advantages

  • User friendly touch screen control with on board synoptics, cutting counter, and menu based cutting modes
  • Servo driven feed motor for fast accurate motion and position control
  • Compact design requires less space than manual cutting setups
  • 18” diameter blade provides a large cross cutting capacity
  • Powerful 10HP motor running at 3200PRM
  • Adjustable automatic trim of front and tail of the workpiece
  • 48″ (1.2 meter) long infeed table (Longer available on request)
  • 40″ (1 meter) long flat outfeed table
  • Defect blowing system combined with computerized logic control permits the blowing time and the length of defect to be set as desired

Saw Motor
Saw Spindle Speed
3200 RPM
Feed Motor (Servo motor)
2.7HP (2Kw)
Max. feed speed
Variable to 262 ft/min (80 m/min)
Max. infeed weight
44 lbs (20 kgs)
Circular Saw Diameter
Ø 18” (455mm)
Saw spindle diameter
Minimum distance between marks
0.787” (20mm)
Cutting Size – maximum
See the diagram of cutting range
Air pressure: for machine
72~85 PSI (5~6 kg/cm2)
Air pressure: defect blowing system
7~9 kg/cm2 (99.5~128 PSI)
Dust ports
2 @ 4”
460/3/60 = 14 Full Load amps (Stock Machine)
230/3/60 = 28 Full Load amps (Factory order)
575/3/60 = 11 Full Load amps (Factory order)