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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

CANTEK | C372 37" Two Head Wide Belt Sander (60" Belt)

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Original price
$27,300.00 - $27,300.00
Current price $27,300.00

Accomplish your tasks without worrying about the performance of your sander.

The Cantek C372 37″ Two Head Widebelt Sander is perfect for any small to mid-sized shops looking to achieve outstanding results. Its robust construction is the best in its class and provides superior sanding results. The flexibility with quick change abrasive belts, allow for more applications in a shorter time frame, helping to assist and meet deadlines. The C372 has a relatively small footprint providing greater access for smaller shops to accomplish bigger results. Equipped with motorized thickness adjustment with digital input control with settings to 0.001” / 0.01mm for precise table setting without compromise!

Why Cantek C372 37″ Two Head Widebelt Sander?

  • Dual sanding heads increases efficiency by reducing the number of passes
  • Rubber contact drum for calibration sanding
  • Combination sanding unit with 5” rubber contact drum and 2” wide adjustable sanding platen for a wide range of sanding applications
  • Adjustable platen produces superior sanding results with finer sandpaper grits
  • Solid cast iron sanding heads and mounting base for superior vibration damping resulting in an optimum sanding result
  • Accurate digital thickness control with both Inch & Metric settings allows operator to key in the desired thickness and table will automatically move into position.
  • Small footprint

Key Advantages

  • Two sanding heads
    • First Head: Rubber contact drum with 7” diameter drum
    • Second Head: Combination head with 5” diameter drum and 2” wide platen
  • Electronic belt tracking for optimum belt life and sanding results
  • Ammeter for load monitoring to ensure the proper amount of material is being removed according to the selected grit.
  • Disc brake on main motor allows for faster belt changes
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning with quick release outboard support to facilitate fast belt changes.
  • Double infeed and outfeed pressure rolls for superior part hold down
  • Four table raising jack screws
  • Material over-height limit switch
  • Hour meter records the actual running time of the machine which can be used to provide timely maintenance for the machine
  • Interlocks located on all access doors.

Abrasive belt size
37” X 60”
940  X 1524 mm
Main motor (First Head)
20 HP
20 HP
Main motor (Second Head)
15 HP
15 HP
Feed motor
2 HP
Table rise/fall motor
½ HP
½ HP
Maximum width stock
914 mm
Minimum part length
330 mm
Maximum thickness opening
127 mm
Feed speed: variable
13 to 52 FPM
13 to 52 FPM
Passline height
33”- 38”
838 – 965 mm
Infeed table
279- 12.7 mm
Dust outlet
4 @ 4”
4 @ 100 mm
Compressed air usage
2 CFM @ 90 PSI
2 CFM @ 90 PSI
New weight
3300 lbs
3300 lbs
Machine dimensions
74” X 64” X 70”
1879 X 1625 X 1778 mm
Shipping weight
3960 lbs
1796 kgs
Shipping dimensions
78” X 67” X 76”
1981 X 1701 X 1930 mm