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Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery
Welcome to Centex Automation, Your Partner For Buying And Selling Industrial Woodwork Machinery

Cameron Automation | #513B – Flooring Nester

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Revolutionary Automatic Nesting and Packaging Machine

The Cameron Automation Flooring Nester

Stacking and packaging of nested bundles of Hardwood Flooring has always been a manual process. Cameron Automation has revolutionized this process with the Flooring Nester.

What Does the Machine Do?

The Cameron Flooring Nester creates accurate nested flooring bundles. Graders feed random lengths of material into one end of the machine, and the Flooring Nester releases a consistent, nested bundle of flooring out the opposite end. Most importantly, it creates bundles the exact square footage you want to sell, increasing your profits by up to 3%.

How Does it Work

The Cameron Flooring Nester is an elegant, efficient blend of hardware and software. The machine works by doing the following:

  • Measuring strips of flooring, one by one, and feeding the information to the computer.
  • Board information is relayed to the computer, which decides how to use each board.
  • Sending boards which can be used now are sent to the out-feed to build a bundle, while others are stored in our unique scoop storage system.
  • Strips of flooring the computer decides to use now are accumulated in the out-feed into rows. Rows are accumulated until a layer is made.
  • Layers are stacked until a finished bundle is made. Finished bundles are pushed to a waiting conveyor, ready for strapping.

Combine Flooring Nesters on the same out-feed conveyor and strapping machine to increase productivity. This allows a single operator to manage multiple machines and keep your strapping and stacking operation centralized.

Advantages over Hand Nesting

  • Eliminates Repetitive Manual Labor
    • Nesting Bundles by Hand is a Labor Intensive Job that the Auto-Nester can Solve, reducing employees exposure to repetitive motion
  • Improves Yield and Increases Margins
    • Hand nesters tend to oversize bundles, by as much as 3%. The Auto-Nester accurately measures the length of each and every board to know which sequence of boards will create the most accurate row
    • It keeps track of all rows and is able to size rows as it nears the end of a bundle to create a bundle nested extremely close to the target square footage
  • Consistent Bundles
    • The Auto-Nester will build bundles that not only are more consistent mathematically, they also look more consistent. This will create the perception of a higher quality bundle
  • Quality Control of Bundles
    • Tracks Items such as average board length, number of shorts, and bundle square footage, which can all be controlled and adjusted by the software
    • Software alerts the operators of short rows or bundles so the quality of the bundles can be managed bundle by bundle instead of by a random sampling
  • Software Accurately Tracks all Incoming and Outgoing Data for Production Reports